Are you using LinkedIn to GROW your network marketing business? 

Hi! My name is Megan Sumrell and I am so excited you decided to venture into the world of LinkedIn to grow your network marketing business! Once I exhausted my warm market, I was having a hard time keeping my funnel full of NEW connections! So, I dove into LinkedIn. After taking many courses and a lot of trial and error, I am thrilled to share with you EXACTLY what has worked for me!


From co-Founder and Network Marketing Expert, Megan Sumrell 

LinkedIn for Network Marketers 

From Strategy to Success in 45 minutes

Module 1:
LinkedIn Intro and Your Profile 

In these videos, we will review how LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms and then take a deep-dive into how to set up your profile effectively.

"The program is straight forward and easy to follow! I loved how quickly I could go through the class and then start implementing right away. I will be recommending it to my team and I believe it’s well worth the investment to anyone wanting to utilize LinkedIn."

Jennifer N.
Network Marketer
What are your waiting for? 

Module 2:
Adding Connections

When it comes to adding connections on LinkedIn, there is no "one size fits all."  I will teach how to find the RIGHT connections to grow your network.

Module 3:
Sending the First Message

LinkedIn is not a social media platform.  Therefore, it requires a different approach to messaging your connections.  I will teach HOW to message and provide you with detailed sample scripts.



Module 4:
Followup Strategies

This module will cover various follow-up strategies depending on the response (or lack of response) to your messages.  It also includes a detailed workflow for you to follow.

Module 5:
Tracking LinkedIn Reach-outs

Finally, we will review exactly the system and process I use to track the hundreds of messages I have sent through LinkedIn. 

Get Years of Training in 45 Minutes

Let me show you how this powerful network can work for your business

"I recommend and appreciate this course! It was easy to follow, and absolutely love the sample workflows and the language for phone calls. I’m glad I made the decision to invest in my business. Thank you!"

Naomi P.
Network Marketer

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